Chart for Sous Vide Cooking With the Pressure Cooker

My pressure cooker can be programmed via Bluetooth and my iPhone to do certain things. On particular thing it will do is hold a specific temperature…for as long as you tell it to.

This is perfect for sous vide cooking, but there are some challenges. The biggest challenge is that you may ‘tell’ it to hold 140°F but the actual water temperature will be something slightly different. In order to help myself understand (and be able to recall) how the PC behaves I did a number of tests and created a chart to show myself what happens when certain target temperatures are programmed into the PC.

Click the preview image below to see the full PDF version. I cannot guarantee the results you may get, and this is by no means a full discussion of all you need to know about sous vide before starting on your own. But the chart will assist you in doing the necessary ‘calibration’ of your PC if you have one of these.

Click To See PDF Version
Click Image To See PDF Version

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    Proud of you, Perry! And that burger with the sizzled onions looks yummy!

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